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We have been recognized for its outstanding operations and management capacities
by Korea Expressway Corporation, government agencies and various reputable institutions

Service Management
Hygiene and Quality Management
Facility and Safety Management
Service Management

We have been recognized for our outstanding service and operation management capacities
through the ‘SA operation service evaluation’ and ‘customer satisfaction survey’
overseen by the Korea Expressway Corporation and various reputable institutions

Hygiene and Quality Management

We are the first in the SA industry to introduce the HACCP (hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification in Korea. As the co-author of the ‘Hygiene Management Manual’ with the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, we secure food safety by providing on-site guidance and education through in-company hygienist. In addition, we consistently maintain cooperative relationship with a number of relevant agencies including the MFDS and research centers to operate various hygiene inspections and consulting program while applying a cold-chain system for ingredients based on the principle of same-day delivery. Also, based on our artisan spirit with a history of 47 years, we employ numerous culinary and quality control experts, while conducting a systematic cooking and service quality management

Facility and Safety Management
We place utmost priority on the safety of customers. - We assigned safety managers at each branch and thoroughly prepare for accidents using a safety management guideline for fire prevention, gas, and hazardous materials. In addition, not only do we engage in systematic management of various facilities and subscribed to insurance, we also signed agreements with experts of various facilities and invite them to our SAs to receive precision diagnostics for general safety of facilities.

Furthermore, we prevent various accidents by practicing response manuals for all types of natural disasters and incidents, while providing training and education to employees. We are thoroughly prepared to protect the safety and property of customers, while maintaining SA functions through rapid and efficient response in the event that an incident occurs.
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