• Jukjeon (Seoul) Rest Area
    Jukjeon (Seoul) Rest Area
    The last oasis of the Gyeongbu Expressway that connects Seoul and the Capital Area
  • Chilgok (Seoul) Rest area
    Chilgok (Seoul) Rest area
    Central hot place of Yeongnam ranking first place in the national rest area service ratings
  • Chilgok (Busan) Rest Area
    Chilgok (Busan) Rest Area
    Cargo vehicle rest area that provides excellent hygiene and services by applying HACCP for the first time among rest areas
  • Pyeongsa (Busan) Rest Area
    Pyeongsa (Busan) Rest Area
    Rest area that captivates visitors with a refreshing fountain park and various convenience facilities
  • Geoncheon (Busan) Rest Area
    Geoncheon (Busan) Rest Area
    Rest area filled with traditional ambiences and fine food
  • Eonyang (Seoul) Rest Area
    Eonyang (Seoul) Rest Area
    Top rest areas in the Gyeongnam area that was renovated with a concept of the sea and navigation by ships
  • Samgukyusa Gunwi (Sangju) Rest Area
    Samgukyusa Gunwi (Sangju) Rest Area
    Nation’s first unique theme rest area with a retro interior from the 70s and 80s
  • Gunwi Yeongcheon (Yeongcheon) Rest Area
    Gunwi Yeongcheon (Yeongcheon) Rest Area
    Rest area that became famous with its trendy industrial vintage concept

Daeshin's Family

  • Daejeon Daeshin Academy
    Daejeon Daeshin Academy
    Fostering upright and talented human resources that harmonizes in the community
  • El Tower
    El Tower
    Korea’s best high-end hotel-type banquet convention center
    Korea’s largest hot springs sports center that won the grand prize of the 1st sports industry enacted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism


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